Oct 17

How to Spend Halloween in Dallas

Jack-o'-lanternHalloween is right around the corner. Dallas is a great place to spend the holiday. If you love the fall and Halloween, you may even have the perfect costume already planned. Even if you don’t and you are looking for the best things to enjoy during the spookiest time of the year, you are in luck. These are a few of the best places to consider in Dallas.

How to Spend Halloween in Dallas

Dallas 2017 Halloween Bar Crawl

This event will take place on October 28, the weekend before Halloween since the actual holiday falls on a Tuesday. Tickets to the bar crawl are $15 and they come with two $5 gift cards for food or drinks, access to drink specials at all of the participating bars, and no covers. There will even be a $500 costume contest so be sure to put your best one on and join in on the fun.

Dark Hour Haunted House

If you like the thrill of Halloween, then you need to go to the Dark Hour Haunted House. Tickets start at $31 and it is the premier haunted house attraction in the Dallas area. It is located in Plano so it is just a quick drive to get some screams. The haunted house is open through Halloween so you can make this an outing to enjoy anytime through the season. 

Underwater Halloween Pumpkin Carve-Off 

This is a great Halloween choice for the entire family. It takes place at the Sea Life Grapevine Aquarium. As part of the event, you will see the aquatic life bob for pumpkins while the divers compete in an underwater pumpkin carving contest. You have never seen anything like this and it is sure to excite any of the younger members of your family. There are only five days during October where this event happens so get your tickets now for the whole family and friends.

If you love the Dallas area and are looking for a great place to call home, be sure to check out our available floor plans. Our apartments in Dallas are close to a lot of shopping and dining options and offer great amenities. Stop by to take a tour and see what we have available today.

Oct 17

3 Tea Drinks for Fall Weather

Hot Tea in a CupOn cloudy fall afternoons, being able to sit with a cup of tea is an ideal way to relax in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for something more than just a simple cup of tea, consider trying one or more of these tea drink recipes that are perfect for the cooler autumn weather.

Chai Tea Latte

This tasty and refreshing tea drink resembles the kind you can get at your local coffee shop, but it’s easy enough to make on your own. All you need is the right ingredients for the syrup and latte, which includes Chai tea bags, sugar, milk, filtered water and ground cinnamon. Boil water, then steep the tea in it for about ten minutes. Add sugar, then simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes to form syrup. Pour the Chai syrup into a cup while boiling milk in a pan. Blend the milk slightly on low, then add it to the cup. Top it with ground cinnamon and enjoy.

Autumn Tea

This seasonal spin on tea makes a good beverage to have on a chilly autumn day thanks to its fall flavors. To make it, put tea bags in a bowl, then add hot water. Let the tea bags steep for about eight minutes, then remove them and throw them out. Add unsweetened apple juice, cranberry juice, sugar, lemon juice and pumpkin pie spice to the bowl, then stir. You can serve this autumn tea while it’s warm or serve an iced version on warmer fall days.

Blackberry Tea

Berries offer a sweet flavor that’s in season during the autumn months if you’re looking for an alternative to the usual apple, pumpkin or cinnamon flavors. To make this tea recipe, add tea bags to boiling water, then add crushed mint leaves. Add sugar to sweeten it up, then blend blackberries to create a puree. Add the blackberry puree to your tea, and add more sugar if needed. Serve this fall tea while it’s hot or over ice.

Our apartments have a breakfast bar that offers a great place for sipping tea drinks this fall. Contact us for more information on our available apartments in Dallas, Texas.

Oct 17

4 Tricks to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Cinnamon and Star AniseFall is upon us, but the temperature around our Dallas apartments may still feel like summer. When the outdoor temperatures don’t feel like fall, bring a little bit of the season indoors through welcoming fall scents. These ideas are simple, but effective at adding the scents of the season to your home.

Cook Up Some Fall Flavor

Your stove and oven can be a great source of fall flavor. Bake pumpkin or apple-flavored treats to bring the scent of fall into your apartment. If you don’t have the time or desire to bake, set a pot on the stove filled with water, fruit and whole spices, such as star anise, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks or vanilla extract. Bring it to a boil, then simmer it on low throughout the day, topping off the water as needed.

Add Natural Potpourri

Fall brings many opportunities to add natural potpourri to your home. Consider a buddle of dried autumn flowers combined with rosemary, star anise and eucalyptus. Whether you hang this from the wall or put it in a vase, the smells will waft through your apartment pleasingly. You can also add your own potpourri to a small fabric pouch to create a fragrance sachet you can place strategically in your apartment.

Light a Candle

Light a candle to bring even more freshness to your home. Choose a candle with a fall scent for this festive season. If you prefer not to burn candles in your apartment, you can achieve the same scent with a scented wax warming system.

Spice Up Your Cleaning

Consider adding some fall flair to your cleaning routine. Mix baking soda with dried herbs and spices to make a scrubbing paste that adds to the fall scents in your home. You can use essential oils mixed with vinegar to clean surfaces that require a wet cleaner.

Fall flavors make your home feel cozier throughout the fall season. An open floor plan with natural lighting can do the same thing, and that’s what you will find here at South Side Flats. If you’re in the market for a new Dallas apartment, give us a call to see which of our floor plans are currently available.

Sep 17

How to Create a Work/Life Balance

South Side Flats Swimming PoolIn today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever before to make sure that you are making time for yourself and getting in a little R&R every now and then. At South Side Flats, we understand that our residents want to get the most out of life and we believe that your home should be your sanctuary. That’s why we are proud to offer some of the best apartment community amenities in the greater Dallas area. In fact, it’s our pleasure to help take the guesswork out of striking a good work/life balance and ensure that you are happy and healthy for many years to come.

Our Top Tips for Striking a Good Work/Life Balance

1. Set Manageable Goals Each Day

Your daily goals don’t always have to include big lifetime goals like finishing a novel or mastering your golf swing. With smaller, more manageable goals, you can feel a sense of accomplishment each day as you make your way down your “to-do” list. And if you don’t check every small item off the list, it’s no big deal. You can always get things done tomorrow!

2. Make Time for Relaxation

With access to our luxurious swimming pool and gorgeous sundeck, taking a little “me” time just got a whole lot easier. After a long, hard day at work, sometimes all you need is the chance to lay out in the sun or get in a few laps in the pool to set your mind at ease.

3. Sweat It Out

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore when you have an awesome fitness center available in our apartment community. Regular exercise releases endorphins and other happy chemicals in the brain that are ideal for letting go of your problems and focusing your mind on only the things that you can control.

Find Your Perfect Balance at South Side Flats

When you make time for the little things in life, you may just find that you’ve got it pretty good. Interested in learning more about what makes life at South Side Flats great? Visit us online to take a look at all of the awesome amenities available to residents at our apartments in Dallas and schedule a tour today.

Sep 17

Get Your National Coffee Day Fix On

Cup of CoffeeWho doesn’t enjoy a great cup of coffee to get things started in the morning? Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or you’re simply a fan of the pumpkin spice craze, National Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to get out and explore some of the best local coffee spots around Dallas. This year, National Coffee Day is on Friday, September 29 and it definitely sounds like the perfect start to a great weekend.

Where to Celebrate National Coffee Day in Dallas

1. Stupid Good Coffee

Just like their name says, the coffee here is stupidly good. This great little coffee spot is off the beaten path but a great place to escape for a morning, afternoon or early evening cup of coffee. Make it a date and invite a few friends or coworkers to join in the festivities with you and celebrate in style!

2. Full City Rooster

Looking for a cool coffee spot that features great service and delicious coffee drinks? Then Full City is the perfect destination for you on National Coffee Day. With delicious drinks, great food and a welcoming atmosphere it may just become your new hangout spot.

3. Weekend Coffee

This awesome coffee shop should not be reserved for your weekend excursions alone. In fact, the drinks and treats here are so good that you may just make it your regular weekday coffee destination. Get in on the fun as your barista weighs and measures your shots to create the perfect sip every time!

4. Opening Bell Coffee

Drinking the coffee here is always a great way to begin your day. Not only do they feature the perfect cup of coffee on their menu but they have an awesome food menu to enjoy as well. Known for their yummy sandwiches and excellent service, Opening Bell is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Enjoy the Best That Dallas Has to Offer at South Side Flats

At South Side Flats, we think every day should be National Coffee Day! Interested in learning more about our apartment community? Visit us online today to check out our amenities and be sure to take a look at the available floor plans at our apartments in Dallas today!

Sep 17

3 Can’t Miss Dallas Exhibits

Art ExhibitThere is never a shortage of things to do in the Dallas area – but it can still be helpful to get some pointers on what events and attractions are worth your time. These three exhibits are nearby and definitely worth a visit if you have the time or are looking for things to do.

3 Dallas Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Styled With Poise: Figures in Japanese Paintings and Prints

Location: Crow Collection of Asian Art

Dates: September 19 – January 8

This display of art from the Edo period (1603-1868) brings together many of the most popular figures in Japanese art of the time period. You may have seen Japanese art before, but it is unlikely you have seen an exhibit that covers the figures presented in such detail. Both educational and fascinating, the exhibit features works of art from both private collections – coming from both Dallas and Boston – as well as the collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

2. After Hours: Works by DMA Staff

Location: Dallas Museum of Art

Dates: June 15 – November 26

Many aspiring artists are drawn to work at the Dallas of Museum of Art. Every two years the museum puts on a showcase to display the work of staff members. With over 50 works of art on display, there is plenty to see at the exhibit, ranging from landscape paintings to cross-stitch, and everything in between.

3. Giant Gems of the Smithsonian

Location: Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dates: September 9 – January 17

The National Gem Collection from the Smithsonian is world-renowned, and many of the most impressive pieces are on display at the Perot. You are sure to be impressed by some of the largest and most perfect examples of gemstones in the world. See them now because they will only be in Dallas through the 17th of January.

Experience Dallas

We are excited for you to get the most out of the Dallas experience. If you’re looking for an apartment in Dallas, check out South Side Flats. Please contact our office with any questions about our community, including questions about our Dallas apartments. We look forward to speaking with you!

Aug 17

Popular Places to Dine at This Summer in Dallas

Variety of SushiVisitors to Dallas are sometimes amazed by the city’s cosmopolitan charm, but residents know very well that this town is a creative melting pot of cultural and stylistic influences. Here are three of the city’s top restaurants — the perfect places to show off Dallas’s vibrant dining scene, or to explore if you’re just moving in yourself.

The Cedars Social

If you find yourself struggling to decide between handcrafted cocktails and upscale comfort food, you can have both in one place at The Cedars Social. The wait service is consistently stellar, and the menu boasts a rotating seasonal selection anchored by a few year-round staples. The setting is unique too — a charming blend of old world brick-and-wood ambiance with the quirky, retro vibe of a ’70s-era living room.


This Japanese soba house may be best known for its noodles, but it boasts a full variety of Japanese cuisine and fine dining dishes, often blended in creative ways. The sushi is a perennial favorite, as is the seaweed salad; but that’s just the start of your culinary adventure at Tei-An, with dishes like sea urchin ricotta and black sesame mousse often on the menu. Make reservations and show up early, because some of the more popular items run out late in the day.

Café Momentum

If you want to get a table at Café Momentum, you’ll have to reserve it days in advance — but it’s worth the effort. The food is wonderful, of course, with hearty American fare that draws rave reviews across the menu; the smoked fried chicken is a particular favorite, as is the extensive wine list. But what really makes this place special is its mission. Cafe Momentum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers 12-month paid internships to youth who’ve spent time in jail, helping them learn work and life skills as they rotate through every service position in the restaurant.

If you’re ready to take advantage of these and many more dining opportunities in one of America’s most cosmopolitan cities, maybe it’s time to consider a move to one of our apartments in Dallas, too. Call today to book a tour or find out which floor plans are still available.

Aug 17

Recipes for Celebrating National Whiskey Sour Day

Bottles of WhiskeyThere’s nothing better than a good cocktail when you want to celebrate, so why not use National Whiskey Day on August 25 as a way to celebrate the famous cocktail? Whiskey Sours are practically perfect for everyone because they can be tailored to individual tastes, whether you prefer your whiskey on the the sweeter or the more sour side.

Basic Whiskey Sour

Get some sugar, lemon juice, and some whiskey bourbon together. Take 2 ounces of the whiskey, one-third tablespoons of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of refined sugar or simple syrup, and shake them up with some ice. Taste the mixture, and see what you think. This is all about experimenting with how much sugar you want to complement the sour. Once you get your favorite proportions, strain the mixture directly into a chilled cocktail glass, top with a cherry, and enjoy!

Dizzy Sour

When you want to try a little spin on the old classic, you may want to dress up the basics with a little extra oomph. For a Dizzy Sour, you’re going to follow the original recipe, but only use 1.5 ounces of whiskey. Once you’ve poured the sour, add 3 dashes of the herbal liqueur Bénédictine, and then substitute dark Jamaican rum for the last 1/2 ounce. Don’t mix the rum into the cocktail. Just ‘float’ it on top for best results.

Whiskey Sour (With Egg White)

Using raw eggs was not out of vogue when cocktail hour was more a staple than an exception. Obviously, you’ll want to use at your own risk, but egg whites are recommended in a whiskey sour because they help temper the tartness of the lemon juice. Should you use an egg, you’ll want to shake the mixture fairly aggressively for at least 30 seconds to get it to blend in. Serve the drinks on the rocks, and enjoy.

Enjoying a Whiskey Sour in our apartments in Dallas can make an average day feel just a bit more special. August 25 will certainly be a day to remember when you find your favorite Whiskey Sour recipe. If you’re looking for an apartment community that wants to make every day special, contact South Side Flats to learn more about our amenities and floor plans!

Aug 17

What to Expect from Beats & Eats

Plate of FoodLiving in Dallas has its perks. You’re in close proximity to a ton of events, and get to live in one of the best Dallas apartments in town – South Side Flats. This time of year, Savor Dallas makes a big splash with the annual Beats & Eats.

Make it Tasty

What’s Beats & Eats? From August through October, handpicked Dallas chefs prepare mouthwatering appetizers and dishes for guests, accompanied by a special musical guest. Held at the historic Granada Theater, it’s an event you don’t want to miss. This year’s featured chefs are Chef Oliver Sitrin from Blind Butcher; Chef Jon Alexis from TJ’s Seafood Market and Grill; and Chef Daniel Pittman from LUCK at Trinity Groves. Tomar & the FCs, Kirk Thurmond and Aaron Stephens round out the entertainment. Tickets are available for all three dates: August 10, September 14 and October 19.

On August 10, it’s Chef Oliver Sitrin of Blind Butcher accompanied by Tomar & the FCs. There will be three courses plus an appetizer and dessert, as well as drink pairings featuring Maker’s Mark.

If you’re looking for a “soulful Southern seafood dinner,” then don’t miss Chef Jon Alexis of TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill on September 14 accompanied by Kirk Thurmond. There will be an appetizer, salad, soup, entrée, and dessert.

On October 19, enjoy tasty eats by Chef Daniel Pittman of LUCK at Trinity Groves, accompanied by Aaron Stephens. There will be an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée and dessert, as well as drink pairings featuring Jack Daniel’s Rye.

A Place to Call Home

Designed as an art-centric, urban oasis, South Side Flats embraces the true concept of live, work and play. Our pet-friendly community is within walking distance to major highways so you’re just minutes away from entertainment, shopping, restaurants, the Dallas Farmers Market, and of course, events like Beats and Eats.

Awesome downtown views with a Skyline lounge outfitted with a fireplace and TV gives you just enough time to meet up with friends before you head out. Or, take some time and enjoy the pool views while working up an appetite. Become inspired for the event a few days earlier in your spacious and modern kitchen. It’s the perfect place to chop a few vegetables and have a quick tasting session on your kitchen island, or relax on your oversized balcony. Set the mood with standard pendant and LED lighting throughout your home.

Every luxurious amenity you’ve ever thought about, you have it at your disposal. There’s no limit to the activities and enjoyment of living in the lap of luxury. Beats & Eats is just another reason why luxury Dallas apartments like South Side Flats are a dream come true.

For more information on South Side Flats and our amenities, give us a call today!

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